Strategic Wealth Management

Investment Planning

You invest for the future, and the future is expensive. The right investment takes foresight and strategy.

Protection Planning

Protection is as much about helping to safeguard your lifestyle as it is your assets and the roof over your head.

Retirement Planning

Pension plans have unique tax benefits worth saving for and is quite simply one of the best ways to save.

Financial Updates

Up to date financial guides from Smart Money to help you manage your money and decisions.

Becoming a Client

Our process, what you can expect from us and our levels of service agreements and advice.

Treating Customers Fairly

Safeguarding your interests every step of your journey.

We are committed to providing discreet, impartial and professional advice.

We are a dedicated team of professionals who work hard to develop long-term, close relationships with our many and varied clients.

We ensure our clients’ financial requirements are catered for throughout the differing phases of life, by developing close personal relationships and applying our knowledge and professionalism to all aspects of financial planning and strategic wealth management.

What we do

Callaway Sykes Associates Limited are committed to providing discreet, impartial and professional advice, utilising a range of investment, savings, protection, pension, retirement and long term care solutions for individual and corporate clients.

How we do it

In order to provide a consistent service, standard procedures, contract selection guidance and uniform / standard charges have been put in place for all non “rate driven” contracts such as savings, investments and pensions. Although we are independent and “whole of market” advisers, there tends to be a core of companies and contracts we use. This is because we are familiar with them, used to the way they work and, in some cases, have special deals or arrangements in place for the benefit of our clients.

Our Philosophy
and integration into our service

We understand clients are individuals and have different situations and circumstances. Therefore, at a most basic level, we strive to match clients with good quality flexible products that meet their needs and requirements, whilst representing value for money.